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Yi-Ming Liu


Jackson State University

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

1400 J. R. Lynch Street

P.O. Box 17910

Jackson, MS 39217-0510


Physical location:

John A. Peoples Science Building

Office: NSB Room #537



E-mail: yiming.liu@jsums.edu
Tel: (601) 979-3491
Fax: (601) 979-3674


Liu Research Group




Analytical Chemistry CHEM 320

General Chemistry CHEM 141 &142

Spectroscopic Methods CHEM 729


Research Interests: Analytical Chemistry

Research in the Liu group is focused on the development of novel analytical methods for sensitive and selective bioassays. A wide range of instrumental techniques including bioluminescence, CE, HPLC, GC-MS/MS, CE-MS/MS, and HPLC-MS/MS are involved. In a particular project funded by National institutes of Health, the group is developing chiral separations based on microchip electrophoresis with mass spectrometric detection. These methods are developed for chiral single cell analysis as applied in metabolic studies of biomedically interesting compounds such as neurotransmitters, environmental toxins, and pharmaceutical chemicals..


Selected publications

L.S. Qing, Y. Xue, Y. Zheng, J. Xiong, X. Liao*, L.S. Ding, B.G. Li, Y.M. Liu* “Ligand fishing from Dioscorea nipponica extract using human serum albumin functionalized magnetic nanoparticles,” J. Chromatogr. A 2010, 1217: 4663-4668.

S. Zhao*, Y. Huang, R. Liu, M. Shi, Y. M. Liu* “A Nonenzymatic Chemiluminescent Reaction Enabling Chemiluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer to Quantum Dots,” Chemistry--A European J. 2010, 16: 6142-6145.

Y. Huang, S. Zhao, M. Shi, Y. M. Liu* “Chemiluminescent immunoassay of thyroxine enhanced by microchip electrophoresis,” Anal. Biochem. 2010, 399: 72-77. PMID: 19961826.

S. Zhao, Y. Huang, M. Shi, R. Liu, Y. M. Liu* “Chemiluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer-based Detection for Microchip Electrophoresis,” Anal. Chem. 2010, 82: 2036-2041. PMID: 20121202.

S. Zhao, Y. Huang, M. Shi, J. Huang, Y. M. Liu* “Quantification of carnosine- related peptides by microchip electrophoresis with chemiluminescence detection,” Anal.  Biochem. 2009, 393: 105-10.

S. Zhao, Y. Huang, Y. M. Liu* “Microchip electrophoresis with chemiluminescence detection for assaying ascorbic acid and amino acids in single cells,” J. Chromatogr. A 2009, 1216: 6746-51.

S. Zhao, X. Lan, Y. M. Liu* “Gold nanoparticles - enhanced capillary electrophoresis- chemiluminescence assay of trace uric acid,” Electrophoresis, 2009, 30: 2676-80.

S. Zhao, Y. Huang, M. Shi, Y. M. Liu* “Quantification of biogenic amines by microchip electrophoresis with chemiluminescence detection,” J. Chromatogr. A 2009, 1216: 5155–59.

S. Zhao, X. Li, Y. M. Liu* “Integrated microfluidic system with chemiluminescence detection for single cell analysis after intracellular labeling,” Anal. Chem. 2009, 81: 3873–78.

S. Zhao, T. Niu, Y. Song, Y. M. Liu* “Gold nanoparticle-enhanced chemiluminescence detection for CE,” Electrophoresis 2009, 30: 1059-65.

Y. Song, Y. Feng, X. Lu, S. Zhao, C. W. Liu, Y. M. Liu* “d-Amino acids in rat brain measured by liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry,” Neurosci. Lett2008, 445: 53-57.

Y. Song, Y.M. Liu* “Quantitation of cardioexcitatory Asn-D-Trp-Phe-NH2 diastereomers in Aplysia's central nervous system by nanoscale liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry,” J. Mass Spectrom. 2008, 43 (9): 1285-1290. 



Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Jackson State University
 1400 J. R. Lynch Street, P.O. Box 17910, Jackson, MS 39217-0510

Tel: 601-979-2171, Fax: 601-979-3674