Analytical / Environmental Chemistry

Dr. Yerramilli Anjaneyulu
Visiting Professor
& Director, Trent Lott Geospatial Visualization Research Center

Impact Assessment Studies, Mesoscale Modeling of air pollution, Change detection and GIS assisted emission modeling systems.

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Dr. Zikri Arslan
Associate Professor

My research mainly focuses on chemistry of transition and heavy metals that include development of analytical methods for analysis in environmental samples (i.e. water, soil and fish otoliths), understanding the pathways of incorporation and their impacts on environment, natural resources and human life.


Dr. Ruomei Gao
Assistant Professor

Photo-induced energy and electron transfer reactions in photosensitization processes, kinetics of photochemical oxidation and photodegradation, laser and molecular luminescence spectroscopy.

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Dr. Yiming Liu


Bioanalytical chemistry using HPLC, GC-MS, and CE. Analysis of neuropeptides, neurotoxins, and their metabolites in neuronal models such as Aplysia.



Dr. Hiroyasu Tachikawa


Electrochemical biosensors. Raman spectroscopy of thin films.