Physical Chemistry

Dr. James Perkins
Professor of Chemistry
Director, Office of Research, Industrial and Community Relations
Director, NSF-LSMAMP and Bridges to the Doctorate Program

Research: The Vibrational Spectroscopy of Cubane and Resonance Raman Spectroscopic Studies of Serine Transhydroxymethylase.


Dr. Paresh C. Ray
Associate Professor

Development of NLO materials, Nanoparticle nonlinear optics, Theoretical understanding of nonlinear optical process and supramolecular hydrogen bonding, Biosensors based on calorimetric and laser spectroscopic techniques, Synthesis and Characterization of CVD nano Diamond, Molecular level understanding of CVD process, Investigation of photo-dissociation dynamics of molecules relevant to atmospheric chemistry, Alternative energy source based on plasma technology, plasma spectroscopy.


Dr. Ramaiyer Venkatraman
Associate Professor

Synthesis, physico- chemical and kinetic studies of metal complexes.



Dr. Dorothy Wood
Chemistry Coordinator

The core of my major research is interpretation of vibronic spectral data. In particular, two projects I have investigated have raised many questions.

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