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Graduate Program Overview

Program Description

The Department of Chemistry offers both a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Chemistry. The Ph.D. degree in chemistry requires evidences of high quality scientific research leading to peer-reviewed publications with classroom teaching, laboratory supervising, and proposal and manuscript writing experiences. The program covers all modern areas of chemistry including analytical, biochemistry, computational, environmental, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry and interdisciplinary areas in material, energy, environmental, and biomedical research. The intensive graduate training includes formal lecture courses, hands-on laboratory and theoretical research experiences, teaching experiences, independent proposal development, preparation of manuscripts and preparation of research thesis/dissertation for publication.


Program Mission

The Department of Chemistry will provide a comprehensive graduate education in all areas of modern chemistry and related fields for a diverse student body aiming for national and international distinction and produce high quality chemists for education institutions, governmental agencies, and industrial and business entities.



Program Objectives


v To provide the best education and career opportunity for all students including those from the underrepresented minority groups with the best cultural and nurturing environment conducive to learning and scholarly activities.

v To prepare students for development of methods of independent and systematic investigations leading to scientific discoveries.

v To prepare students for a successful career at academic institutions, industrial and business entities, and governmental agencies.

v To promote professional development and growth of the faculty.


Admission Requirements:

       A B.S. degree in chemistry or a closely related field with passing grades C or better for the following courses with labs:

      2 semesters of General Chemistry       2 semesters of Organic Chemistry

      1 semester of Analytical Chemistry    1 semester of Physical Chemistry

      1 semester of Inorganic Chemistry

  1. Application for admission to Graduate School (http://www.jsums.edu/gadmappl/GradAp1.html).
  2. Two official copies of transcripts from all regionally accredited colleges and universities attended.
  3. Immunization records showing proof of immunization compliance for measles and rubella, if born after December 1957.
  4. Out-of-state and International applicants must submit a $25.00 application fee (money orders only).
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation or Form (http://www.jsums.edu/gadmappl/GradAp1.html).
  6. Standardized test scores (GRE etc)
  7. Statement of Purpose for the Study
  8. International applicants must submit satisfactory TOEFL scores (525/197/71).

International applicants must also file a Certified Declaration of Financial Support with the University (http://international.jsums.edu/)


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